Friday, January 4, 2013

Prayer Request for a Wisconsin Baby as He Recovers

Posted by Donna Miller

For two months now, I have been following the progress of a baby boy in Wisconsin named Dominic Pio. This amazing baby has been through so much in his short life. Baby Dominic was born with a facial deformity, and a month ago today he underwent major surgery to remove the growth from his face.

Because of the interest that was generated in Dominic's story, his mother started a blog to update friends and loved ones on the progress he is making. That is how I learned of Dominic and his family's journey. You can read all about what Baby Dominic Pio  has been through at

My reason for telling our members about this story is not legal or financial or canonical in nature. It is simply that Mary Gundrum, Dominic Pio's mother, posted a video that their friends made for Dominic Pio and his family. In the video, they give a nod of appreciation to one of our RCRI members organizations--the Schoenstatt Sisters of Mary of Waukesha, Wisconsin--for giving the performers a place to practice and for all their prayers for Dominic Pio. Here is the inspiring video.

I'm sure the Gundrum family will appreciate 
all who keep Baby Dominic in their prayers!


  1. We will faithfully pray in agreement with you for Baby Dominic's full recovery.

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